A piece of music I composed for the short film I created with Jared Levy titled, “NYC” Dark.

Seeing lower Manhattan without power was a surreal experience. This is traditionally a city that never sleeps. One in which the lights are always on. One that is always bustling with people. When the lights went out it was wholly different. This piece is meant to capture and relay the feeling of what it was like to walk around the darkened streets of lower Manhattan.

See all of Jared’s photos here: jaredlevy.me/gallery/hurricane-sandy-lower-manhattan/

One piece of the composition I made from the short, “story(us).

A film about collaborative storytelling that I directed.  Jake Barton and I collaborated to make this film a reality with help from The Future of Storytelling Conference.  All in all a wonderful experience.

Good friends and collaborators Jared Levy and Jason Oppliger both helped make this wonderful project a reality. 

Please see the full project at: storyus.net

The music I composed for the short, “The Future is Ours”

Dream big. Take small steps to reach that dream, and with every step, dream a little bigger.

Wow! Ashton Kutcher just tweeted my video!

I just released my new video “The Future is Ours” Hope you enjoy! 

Produced by Already Alive

More then Perceiving

We perceive the world in many ways.

We see. We hear. We touch. We smell. We taste.

But these five senses serve a greater perception. Something hard to define yet something that defines us.

We feel.

It is this ability that allows us to experience our world, not just perceive it.

Seeing the sunset with a loved one for the last time.

Listening to the first words expressed by your child.

The love of your life’s lips gently caressing your own.

The smell of home cooking after being away for too long.

A taste of cool liquid after being deprived water.

These experiences are the chapters of life. And life is a story that you get to write.

Tell powerful stories.

Thank You Mom Composition 

Thank You Mom 

I directed this short piece for mothers day.  Thank you Reggie Watts for being in it and Barry Pousman for producing it.

A PSA I directed for The United Way.  I also composed the music.

Intro to Identity a piece I composed for an unreleased app.